Version 20 June 2016 (To be notified of mapping changes and updates please subscribe to PD News)(Zone Map Dataset 2 of 5, needs to be used in conjunction with Zones, Local plan boundary, Local plan precincts and North Lakes Locality datasets).The Zoning Map is part of the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme. MBRC Planning Scheme will help to respond to growth and development across the Moreton Bay Region. It is a statutory document regulating how land can be used and developed. The MBRC planning scheme replaces the three previous planning schemes created by the former Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Redcliffe councils.Planning schemes use overlays to show the location and extent of special features that need to be considered, such as where land may be subject to hazards or other characteristics. Overlay maps may apply to all or part of your property and your property may be affected by more than one overlay. Having an overlay on your property will only affect you if you intend to develop (i.e. extent or build, change use, subdivide, clear native vegetation, fill or excavate). For more information refer to the values and constraints criteria in the relevant code in the planning scheme, see a range of helpful information sheets or contact Council. The attribute fields are defined as per Qld Planning Provisions, Schedule 2. The Queensland Planning Provisions (QPP) are the standard planning scheme provisions made by the Minister for Planning under Chapter 2, Part 5, Division 2 and Chapter 2, Part 6 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. Further details on the Qld Planning Provisions can be found here.

Dataset Attributes

  • Zone Precinct
    {"value"=>"Suburban neighbourhood", "count"=>3988} (), {"value"=>"Next generation neighbourhood", "count"=>1145} (), {"value"=>"Agriculture", "count"=>497} (), {"value"=>"Urban neighbourhood", "count"=>361} (), {"value"=>"Coastal communities", "count"=>134} (), {"value"=>"Utilities", "count"=>120} (), {"value"=>"Sport and recreation", "count"=>112} (), {"value"=>"Township residential", "count"=>101} (), {"value"=>"Light industry", "count"=>96} (), {"value"=>"General industry", "count"=>84} ()

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